Midjourney Niji V6 Prompts #1

Midjourney baru saja merilis Niji V6, model yang khusus disetel untuk Anime. Dalam postingan kali ini, kami akan memberikan 10 contoh prompt populer yang diambil perhari untuk Midjourney Niji V6.

Cara Menggunakan Niji V6 

Untuk mengaktifkan model ini, yang perlu dilakukan hanyalah mengetik /type dan memilih Niji Model V6 [ALPHA] dari menu dropdown yang terlihat pada discord. Kalian juga bisa menggunakan perintah --niji 6 di kotak prompt yang tersedia. 

Niji V6 menghadirkan koherensi yang lebih baik, kemampuan prompt gambar yang ditingkatkan, dan prompt follow yang lebih akurat, terutama dengan prompt yang lebih panjang. Jika Anda tidak menginginkan tampilan anime, Anda dapat menggunakan --style raw untuk mengurangi gaya ini.
Prompt! young man, around 20 years old, distrustful expression, hearing Wu Xuan's plan, 16K,The color is bright,Background blurring,The colors are bright,Clear lines,Colorful,anime style,
--ar 4:3 --niji 6

Prompt! Capibara stands in front of a rough ocean, holding an open umbrella in his hand with a determined expression, the sky is covered with dark clouds, stormy, swaying trees, a round and fat capybara with squinted eyes and a yellow body , slender face, warm, furry, big nose, big rabbit teeth, dazed, short limbs, healing style, children's book cover, Goro Fujita, seed 2336192213,
--ar 26:37 --stylize 750

Prompt! a 20-year-old boy with short white hair,blue eyes,anime style,hair clearly visible,exquisite picture,textured skin,incredible detail,best quality,ultra hd,classroom,college entrance examination,examination,panoramic,background college entrance examination room,wielding his writing
--ar 4:3

Prompt! A bus parked on the grassland, with a blue sky and white clouds in the background, in the style of Miyazaki Hayao. It was a green landscape painting, with white flowers blooming underneath it, in a cartoon style. The image had high resolution, clear lines, high quality, high detail, with a solid color background. It appeared to be captured with a wideangle lens, using bright colors, natural light, and a cheerful atmosphere. The bus was located at one end of the frame, surrounded by lush green meadows with small wildflowers scattered throughout.
--ar 9:16

Prompt! Adorable kawaii Chinese doll wearing colorful streetwear and detailed character design. Intricate costumes and gorgeous details. This is a surreal pop art illustration made of plastic, shot full body in a standing pose, with pink hair highlighted in white. Cyberpunk includes a cybergeisha headdress with neon accents and cyberware blueprints. Holographic iridescent effect rendered in octane rendering style on flat black background. Modern flat vector illustration, flat design, solid color background

Prompt! A 25-year-old beauty, secretary, wearing a black uniform, short black hair, serious eyes, background in the venue, facing the camera, front view, passionate anime style
--style raw --stylize 400

Prompt! sketch of Anya Forger from SPY x FAMILY, a 5-year-old girl wearing red clothes, chibi, startled, with a funny expression and strange movements in the background. Graphic illustration of a fashion girl movement. full strength portal, exaggeratedmovement post, beautiful lines, pure graphic design, color blocks, color stripes, gold, red and green, blue, minimalist style ,SPY×FAMILY, Full Length Shot, ultrawide shot, extreme closeup, high angle view, Top view, Medium Long Shot, 8K Resolution, 16K Resolution, Super Clarity, full details, Watercolor children's illustration
--ar 3:4 ----niji 6 ----stylize 180 --iw 0.5

Prompt! cyberpunk futuristic cartoon art style with the words "D Vaughan" and "Division". A young man is wearing an oversized yellow helmet covering his eyes while he holds up one hand to cover half of his mouth as he smiles at the camera. He has tattoos on both arms and hands, holding what appears to be large mechanical teeth or chains in front of his face. Pink background, vector illustration in the style of Katsuhiro Otomo + Jean Giraud, minimalism, colorful flat color shapes, full body, cinematic composition, flat design.
--ar 9:16 --niji 6 --stylize 400

Prompt! A full page website design for an anime character brand, "NEON SWEETHEART" , the main model is cute little girl with pink hair and black eyes wearing oversized designed by Jujutsu Kaisen manga style, different angles and poses in grid layout. A bold text on top of each block says, "I'm Neon Sweetheart". At foot level there's a large logo showing two silhouettes drawing by Vector, a cartoonstyle illustration artist known to create vibrant and expressive characters. vector art, flat colours,
--ar 4:3 --niji 6 --stylize 400

Prompt! 女の子, ショートカット, ダークブラウン色の髪, ダークブラウン色の瞳, 派手で蛍光色のファッショナブルなフルフェイスヘルメット, カポック, 競艇, 勝負師, 真剣な表情, 超精細, 最高画質, 傑作,
--ar 9:16 --niji 6 --style raw --stylize 750

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